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Tremco CPG Asia Pacific (APAC) Launches 'Flowscreed Micro' - An exquisite, Natural concrete appearance to enhance the ambience

June 19, 2023

Step into Elegance - Flowscreed Micro Sets New Standard for Luxurious Concrete Floors

After extensive development, testing, and field trials, Tremco CPG Asia Pacific (APAC)'s leading brand Flowcrete Asia has launched its newest product called Flowscreed Micro. Utilizing Flowcrete technology and manufactured in Malaysia, Flowscreed Micro is a durable micro-cement floor topping available for purchase throughout Southeast Asia.

Flowscreed Micro is specifically designed for modern environments, both indoors and outdoors, aiming to achieve a natural appearance of concrete with a remarkably resistant finish against abrasion. The formulation of the system incorporates premium cement, a special polymer resin, carefully selected aggregates and additives, as well as a distinctive pigment paste.

Flowscreed Micro is an innovative flooring solution designed to enhance the aesthetic appeal of interior spaces with a luxurious natural concrete finish. It combines the durability and practicality of traditional concrete flooring with a touch of elegance and sophistication.

Key benefits of using Flowscreed Micro :