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Fire Rated Acrylic Sealant FS702

Water-based acrylic sealer FS702 Intumastic cures to produce a robust but flexible fire seal. suitable for usage in a variety of construction joints, allowing for up to 30% mobility while offering a superb acoustic and air seal. With a minimum depth of 25 mm, FS702 is suitable for usage around non-combustible services, cables, and pipes that are insulated with rock fibre. Excellent for bonding and pointing joints and service penetrations, FS702 can also be used in conjunction with the FB750 Intubatt system.

Features and Benefits 

• Fire resistance of up to 4 hours - tested in accordance with EN 1366-4, EN 1366-3, and BS 476 Pt 20-22 
• Up to 30 percent mobility capabilities (during fire test)
• Suitable for both stiff walls and floors and flexible walls. 
• Can be used for FB750 Intubatt sealing 
• Noise levels up to 55 dB 
• Up to 2,000 Pa air seal
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