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Illbruck ME010

ME010 is a polyester-based breather membrane that is water and air tight but vapour permeable. It comes in two basic configurations and is best used as a monolithic breather membrane. It can be used to seal perimeter tolerance joints around windows, doors, and curtain walls (slit into a variety of widths), as well as to seal connections between sheathing boards or between sheathing boards and structures (supplied on 1,500 mm x 50 m rolls or in a smaller range of widths). 

According to EN13501-1, ME010 satisfies the reaction to fire classification Class B-s3, d0. When combined with SP025 Fire Membrane Adhesive, the system achieves Class B-s1, d0 when utilised as a monolithic breather membrane, linear gap, or window perimeter membrane seal (better than the requirement).
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