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Launching Spray Applied Waterproofing System !! Micorea S5 - Spray Applied Hybrid Polyurea system

August 01, 2021

Spray Applied Waterproofing Membranes

Spray sprayed waterproofing membranes has experienced a substantial surge in utilisation in several nations due of its better durability and long-term performance. This membrane's usage is especially beneficial in difficult-to-design, geometrically complex spaces like lay-by niches, cross tunnels, turn-outs and crossing caves. In such circumstances, the installation of standard sheet waterproofing membranes in these hard-to-reach spots is difficult and finding of probable leaks and repairs are challenging.
These spray-applied membranes can be applied continuously in any direction and at any thickness, including horizontally, vertically, and overhead. Spray-applied waterproofing solutions create an effective overall layer of protection on the structure. The key difference between sprayed waterproofing from other methods is that it is sprayed, which indicates the ability of applying the material to a big area in a short time. Because they require less maintenance than traditional systems, spray-applied systems are more affordable.

Spray Applied Waterproofing Application Sectors

Podium deck, Parking deck, Bridge Deck, Water retaining structures, below ground structures, roofs, planter boxes. Basement and retaining walls, Plant rooms, Underground parking facilities, Tunnels, bunds/tanks, terrace,water features

Launching Micorea S5 - Two Component Spray Applied Hybrid Polyurea system

TREMproof® Micorea S5 is a 100% solids, flexible, two-component spray applied hybrid polyurea system designed for waterproofing and coating application for concrete, metal and other substrates. It cures quickly allowing rapid installation and a seamless durable waterproof coating system. TREMproof® Micorea S5 is applicable to wide varieties of application on different substrate as Concrete, metal, plastics and  others with appropriate primer as recommended by Tremco CPG India.

Micorea S5 - Features & Benefits