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Introducing " New Age Resin Flooring " - A Series of Commercial and Industrial Flooring systems

July 12, 2021

The Need for New Age Flooring 

Whether in a commercial or industrial environment, aggressive chemicals will come into touch with the flooring. Concrete loses integrity when exposed to strong chemicals and certain parts of the concrete will appear noticeably different after spillages. Concrete has a porous surface that can become slick from moisture, chemicals, bacteria growth, and water seepage. Therefore, for a longer lifespan, the surface needs to be protected with an appropriate coating. In the absence of protection, concrete is vulnerable to high temperatures, corrosive chemicals, impacts, tyres, traffic, liquid, and de-icing salts. This could mean that the floor in an industrial location soon gets dirty, cracked, polluted, and chipped.

New Age Flooring 

While durability is always a consideration when selecting a flooring material, it’s an absolute must for high-traffic applications and impact areas. Tremco CPG, the global leader in this niche, has introduced "New Age Resin Flooring" systems to address a variety of functional needs, balance diverse substrate conditions and address installation issues. The 10 distinct resin flooring systems that make up New Age Flooring are appropriate for a variety of industrial, commercial and parking lot applications and may be customised to the exact needs of the end customer. It provides seamless applications that are exceptionally strong and flexible, enabling compliance with coving and drainage without affecting the integrity of the floor. The new age resin flooring's high tensile strength and resilience offer protection against scuffs and damage, resulting in a long-lasting, entirely crack-free surface.

In addition to being exceptionally slip-resistant underfoot, New Age Resin flooring is waterproof and levelled to prevent water from pooling. New Age Resin flooring offers truly limitless colour options, giving clients unmatched creativity and freedom through their selected resin system. To produce seamless terrazzo or natural stone carpets, a wide variety of aggregates, including glittering crystal, glass, granite and stone, can be added to resins. These stunning finishes create the ultimate wow-factor underfoot.

New Age Flooring - Applicable Sectors

For floors that must survive extreme temperatures, foot and machine traffic, chemicals, oil, and other fluids without peeling or corroding during years of continuous usage, New Age flooring solutions are the ideal option. These systems can be employed in the commercial sector to produce extravagant, aesthetic visuals in a variety of locations, including airport terminals, office buildings, shopping malls, schools, hospitals, and restaurants. New age flooring solutions that are seamless, solvent-free, and chemically resistant can be used for industrial purposes and come in a number of hues. Industry applications for New age flooring include food processing, electronics, pharmaceuticals, meat & poultry, distilleries, dairy, industrial, and manufacturing sectors.