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Accelguard-80 IN

Non-Chloride, Accelerating & Water Reducing Admixture

ACCELGUARD 80 – IN is a non-calcium chloride based accelerating and water reduction admixture for concrete. It improves the qualities of plastic and hardened concrete by enhancing early stiffening and setting characteristics, improving workability, and reducing bleeding and segregation.


  • Concrete block and mortar
  • Precast and post tensioned concrete
  • Cold weather concreting
  • Structural and plain concrete

Features and Benefits 

  • Depending on concrete temperatures, reduces initial set time by 1 to 4 hours. 
  • Improves concrete workability and density. 
  • Reduces bleeding and segregation 
  • Enhances compressive strength development at early ages
  • Reduces overtime, allowing for earlier completion. 
  • Increases concrete reinforcement protection.
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