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Shrinkage Compensating Admixture

CONEX is a powdered admixture used in Portland Cement concrete for net shrinkage compensation and overall decrease. The development of an expanding component is its functional mechanism. As stated in ACI 223, CONEX is an expansive Type G component that generates a calcium hydroxide platelet crystal structure. CONEX has no additional chlorides or compounds that are known to accelerate steel corrosion.


  • Flatwork concrete
  • Arena/Artificial skating rinks
  • Parking structures
  • Interior/Exterior
  • Bridge decks
  • Piers
  • Watertight construction
  • Storage tanks
  • Walls/Parapets 
  • Toppings

Features and Benefits 

  • CONEX's expansion properties allow for net shrinkage reduction in concrete. 
  • This admixture has no effect on slump and can be used in conjunction with other Euclid Chemical admixtures. 
  • The mechanical strengths are unaffected. 
  • The majority of Portland cements are compatible with it. 
  • Fresh concrete's air content, set time, or other characteristics are unaffected by CONEX. 
  • Given an appropriate air void system, the addition of CONEX should have no negative impact on freeze-thaw and salt scaling resistances. 
  • The expansion process does not involve the creation of ettringite.
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