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Eucon 510

High Range Water Reducing Retarding Admixture

EUCON 510 is a high-range water-reducing admixture designed to increase the working duration of flowing concrete at higher temperature. EUCON 510 does not include calcium chloride or any other substances that could cause steel to corrode. 


  • Concrete with reinforcement
  • Concrete with high strength
  • Slabs for industry 
  • General Readymix  Concrete
  • Prestressed concrete
  • Parking structures
  • Watertight concrete

Features and Benefits  

  • Water usage is drastically reduced.
  • Segregation and bleeding in plastic concrete are reduced.
  • Produces "flowing" concrete with controlled delay of slump loss and workability.
  • Hardened concrete cracking and permeability are reduced.
  • When used to make "flowing" concrete, it decreases concrete placing time and cost in half. 
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