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Eucon AEA92

Air Entraining Agent for Concrete

EUCON AEA-92 is developed for use as an air entraining additive in all types of concrete and is made under strict guidelines to ensure consistent and exact results. It should not be mixed with other admixtures and should be added separately. 


  • Ready-to-use concrete
  • Constructive concrete
  • Concrete in mass
  • Paving  Concrete
  • Concrete on the exterior

 Features and Benefits 

  • Gives you a stable air void system with the right bubble size and spacing. This air void system shields concrete from the effects of repeated freeze/thaw cycles.
  • Concrete is made such that it is highly resistant to  De-icing salts, sulphate attack and corrosive water 
  • Very less mixing water is required for Per yard (metre) of concrete and placeability is improved.
  • Concrete bleeding and segregation are reduced.
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