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Eucon CSR

Concrete Surface Retarder 

EUCON CSR is based on chemical compositions that delay, but not "kill," the set of mortar at the concrete surface. The retarded mortar surface can be rinsed off with a spray of water once the underlying concrete has cured. Because these compounds do not "kill" the set, if they are left on the concrete or unintentionally splashed over other freshly laid concrete,  they will permit the concrete to eventually attain a set.


  • Bond improvement for water-proofing materials
  • Slip-resistant surfaces Formulations for both horizontal and vertical
  • Precast panels
  • Decorative sidewalks and walkways
  • Creation of exposed aggregate surfaces

Features and Benefits 

  • Simple to use and apply. 
  • Works efficiently and swiftly. 
  • Depth retardation is up to 1/4" (6 mm). 
  • Reduces cost of mechanically preparing surfaces for waterproofing, stucco or plaster application.
  • The etch depth can be changed as needed.
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