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Eucon HC 170

Water Reducing/Set Retarding Admixture

Eucon HC 170 is a concrete water reduction and retarding additive. A modified carboxylate polymer makes this flexible admixture, which provides high-quality concrete at a low cost. Eucon HC 170 has better finishing properties and produces more uniform concrete. 


  • For all types of cement.
  • SCM is used to make concrete.
  • Concrete for architecture.
  • Ready-mix concrete for general use.
  • Concreting in hot temperatures.
  • Flowable concrete / mass concrete

Features and Benefits

Plastic Concrete
  • Finishability is improved.
  • Enhances workability.
  • Water usage is reduced.
 Hardened Concrete
  • Compressive strength is improved.
  • Permeability is reduced.
  • Enhances the final appearance.
  • Shrinkage is reduced.
  • Durability is improved.
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