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Eucon Retarder 75

Concrete Water Reducing Set Controlling Retarder

EUCON RETARDER 75 is a liquid water-reducing and set-retarding admixture for concrete that is manufactured synthetically. It is a modified organic polymer of selected retarders. EUCON RETARDER 75 has no calcium chloride or other potentially corroding elements, and it can be used with aluminium or zinc metals. Air-entraining agents, water reducers and calcium chloride are all compatible, but they must be added individually to the solution.


  • Concrete requiring water reduction and set time control
  • Architectural concrete
  • Hot weather concrete placement

Features and Benefits

Plastic Concrete 
  • Setting qualities are hampered. 
  • Finishability is improved. 
  • Enhances workability 
  • Reduces the amount of water used. 
  • Segregation is reduced. 
Hardened Concrete 
  • Increases strengths .
  • Enhances the final appearance. 
  • Cracking is reduced. 
  • Permeability is reduced. 
  • Non-staining.
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