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Plastol 5700

High Range Water - Reducing Admixture

PLASTOL 5700 is a ready-to-use, high-range water-reducing admixture for concrete based on polycarboxylates. PLASTOL 5700 enhances both early and final concrete strength. PLASTOL 5700 can be used to raise concrete slump or to considerably reduce the amount of water required for a certain slump. PLASTOL 5700 can be mixed with additional admixtures at the factory or on the jobsite. There are no additional chlorides in PLASTOL 5700.


  • High performance concrete
  • Self-Compacting Concrete (SCC)
  • Precast concrete
  • Low water /cement ratio concrete
  • High early strength concrete applications

Features and Benefits 

  • Low water/cement ratio reduces water demand
  • Self-compacting concrete reduces labor costs
  • High early strength reduces energy costs
  • Controlled setting times reduces labor costs
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