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Aqua Cure VOX

Water-Based, Low Odor Cure & Seal For Concrete

Aqua-Cure VOX is an acrylic polymer curing and sealing compound that is water-based. AQUA-CURE VOX works well on both interior and exterior surfaces and can be applied to both new and old concrete. It helps fresh concrete keep its moisture, seals the surface, and gives it a nice sheen.


  • Basements & footings
  • Interior & exterior concrete surfaces
  • Industrial floors
  • Pavements
  • Hospitals
  • Exterior concrete
  • Walls

Features and Benefits 

  • Forms an effective moisture barrier for optimal concrete curing. 
  • Protects concrete surfaces from the effects of weathering by sealing them. 
  • Promotes proper cement hydration, which improves durability. 
  • Helps prevent dusting of new concrete.
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