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Extended Working Time, High Modulus Epoxy Bonding Agent

DURAL LPL MV - IN is a two-component, moisture-insensitive epoxy adhesive and binder for a wide range of applications. This medium viscosity, high modulus epoxy resin is ideal for bonding new, plastic concrete to preexisting concrete slabs and steel. In comparison to traditional epoxy bonding agents, DURAL LPL MV - IN (Long Pot Life) gives a longer working time.


  • Fresh concrete to hardened concrete bonding 
  • Concrete and masonry adhesive 
  • Repairs and extensions in buildings roads, floors.

Features and Benefits 

  • Insensitive to moisture. 
  • Longer working hours, even in hot weather. 
  • Adhesive with a high binding strength. 
  • It has excellent adherence on both horizontal and vertical surfaces. 
  • Medium viscosity, easy to use preweighed pack system.
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