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High Strength Low Exothermic Epoxy Grout

E3-G-IN is a high-strength epoxy grout for grouting various types of machine and equipment bases. E3-G-IN is a grout that may be used in both thin and thick sections and can be used to grout bases in a variety of configurations. This composition provides exceptional strength and resilience to a wide range of corrosive substances. E3-G-IN has a strong bond to the foundation and a high bearing capacity for long-term grouting projects.


  • Pumps, compressors and fans .
  • Deep fill machine bases .
  • All high strength applications including crane rails .
  • Tanks, turbines and housings .
  • It's possible to utilise it as an epoxy repair mortar. 
  • Pour-backs for post tension projects.

Features and Benefits

  • Low exotherm / long operating duration 
  • Exceptional bearing 
  • Chemical resistance is high. 
  • Excellent bond foundation to base plate
  • Stable in deep or thick sections
  • Low creep characteristics.
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