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Euco Guard 100

Solvent-Based, Siloxane Water And Chloride Repellent For Concrete And Masonry

EUCO-GUARD 100 is a deep penetrating siloxane sealer that protects concrete structures, decks, pavements, and other surfaces from de-icing salts, moisture, weathering, and freeze damage. EUCO-GUARD 100 reacts chemically with concrete to create a chloride screen and water barrier that is highly effective. EUCO-GUARD 100 has the added versatility of being able to be used on both new and old concrete surfaces, in addition to its ease of application.


  • Parking structures
  • Auto/truck repair bays

Features and Benefits 

  • Provides a continuous, effective chloride barrier. 
  • For outstanding water repellency, it blocks pores and capillaries. 
  • It can be used on both new and old concrete. 
  • It can be used on both dry and damp (but not saturated) concrete. 
  • One treatment provides complete protection, but it can be reapplied at any time.
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