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High Performance Concrete With Corrosion Inhibitor

EUCOCRETE is a multipurpose, single-component repair mortar enhanced with microsilica that has an inbuilt corrosion inhibitor for all types of concrete repair operations. EUCOCRETE is a high-strength substance with an extended working time for convenience of placement that simply needs the addition of water. It is suited for use as a topping or repair mortar for concrete buildings from 25 mm to full depth and has a similar appearance to concrete.

Applications :

  • Parking decks, Floor toppings, Pavements
  • Joint repairs, Equipment bases
  • Balconies, Beams
  • Vertical/Overhead form & pour jobs

Features and Benefits :

  • Microsilica modified for high strength
  • Pre-mixed with pea gravel, ready-to-use
  • Low permeability with excellent freeze-thaw resistance
  • Long working time
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