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Eucocure VOX White-IN

White Pigmented Acrylic Based Cure & Seal For Concrete

The EUCOCURE VOX WHITE-IN acrylic curing and sealing compound is a white pigmented acrylic curing and sealing compound for new concrete that requires a reflective curing membrane. This product aids in the development of desired properties in new concrete by maintaining an adequate moisture content. EUCOCURE VOX WHITE-IN pigmented formulation's acrylic seal also reflects sunlight.


  • Curing and sealing concrete .
  • Interior and exterior applications .
  • Exterior paving .
  • Walls, columns and highway barriers.

Features and Benefits 

  • Low odor .
  • Forms an efficient moisture barrier for optimum  curing of concrete .
  • Non - degrading compound can act as a primer for  subsequent protective coatings.
  • Ensures proper cement hydration.
  • Designed primarily for exterior applications where sunlight reflectivity is needed.
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