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Formshield WB Concentrate

Release Agent For Concrete Forms

For metal, plastic, wood, and composition forms, FORMSHIELD WB CONCENTRATE is a low-cost, high-performance releasing agent. It's a mixture of natural organic ingredients that create a waterproof layer that prevents concrete from sticking to the forms and allows for rapid and easy removal. FORMSHIELD WB CONCENTRATE is a concentrated liquid that must be diluted with water before usage.


  • FORMSHIELD WB CONCENTRATE is used to provide quick, clean release of forms minimizing preparation for reuse.

Features and Benefits 

  • Reduces labor and construction time .
  • Economical concentrated solution .
  • Allows the forms to be re-used .
  • Minimizes clean-up and maintenance.
  • Can be used on metal or plastic forms and on
  • previously oiled or untreated wood forms
  • Excellent release properties
  • Reduces transfer of wood grain markings
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