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Grout Admix IN

Plasticised Expanding Admixture For Cement Slurry And Grout

When mixed with a cementitious system, Grout Admix-IN, a powder additive, imparts shrinkage compensation, high flowability and pumpability to the mix. It results in controlled expansion and reduced water usage.


  • Filling gaps between precast elements.
  • Cavity filling.
  • Site batched repair/reprofiling mortars.
  • Repairing honeycombs by pressure grouting.
  • Filling up the plumbing and electric chases.

Features and Benefits 

  • Compensates shrinkage in the plastic stage using a hydrogen gaseous expansion system. 
  • Plasticizing action: Reduces water demand, increases strength and improves pumpability. 
  • Easy to use packing- no mistakes on site.
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