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Kurez VOX White Pigmented

White Pigmented Wax Based Curing Compound

KUREZ VOX WHITE PIGMENTED is a wax emulsion curing compound with white pigment for new concrete that requires a reflective curing membrane. It keeps new concrete moist enough to allow desired properties like strength and durability to develop. This white pigmented formulation also reflects sunlight, keeping concrete cool in hot weather.


  • Sidewalks, gutters and curbs 
  • Bridge decks and parapet walls
  • Walls, columns and highway barriers
  • Exterior paving
  • Residential concrete

Features and Benefits

  • Forms an effective moisture barrier for optimal concrete curing. 
  • Assist in ensuring proper cement hydration. 
  • Low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). 
  • Designed primarily for exterior applications that require sunlight reflectivity. 
  • No Odor 
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