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Tamms HP Primer

Primer For Concrete Or Masonry Surfaces

TAMMS H/P PRIMER helps acrylic resin or cement-based masonry coatings cure properly, especially when applied to hot or porous surfaces. TAMMS H/P PRIMER dries quickly, forming a breathable barrier between the substrate and the air. The barrier helps the coating cure properly by preventing excessive moisture absorption from the coating into the substrate. This process helps to prevent acrylic coatings from "cratering" and shrinkage cracks in cementitious materials. On porous surfaces or when the weather is warm and windy, TAMMS H/P PRIMER is required.


  • Above/below grade, exterior/interior 
  • Surfaces made of concrete and brickwork. 
  • Stone and brick 
  • Surfaces of concrete blocks include split face, textured, normal, and lightweight blocks. 
  • Precast, textured, lightweight and formed concrete.

Features and Benefits 

  • Provides a stable base for Euclid Chemical coatings.
  • Assists in obtaining proper coverage rates for subsequent coats
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