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Tamms form and Pour HES-IN with corrosion inhibitor

Flowable, Non-Shrink Cementitious Micro Concrete With Corrosion Inhibitor

TAMMS FORM AND POUR HES - IN is a flowable, non-shrink, polymer-modified cementitious repair mortar with a migratory corrosion inhibitor that can be used for full-depth repairs.


  • Filler for voids and cavities.
  • Repair material for parking facilities,  industrial plants, walkways, bridges,  tunnels, dams and balconies .
  • Horizontal surfaces and formed vertical and  overhead surfaces .
  • Use on grade, above and below grade .

Features and Benefits

  • Repairs 20 mm to 150 mm depth 
  • Extremely strong bonds. 
  • Can be extended with pea gravel for deeper Repairs.  
  • Pumpable . 
  • high strength gains at the beginning and end. 
  • Easy to mix. 
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