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Tammscoat WP-IN

Waterproof Elastomeric Exterior Coating

Tammscoat WP-IN is a one-of-a-kind polymer-based waterproofing and elastomeric exterior performance coating that protects concrete structures from deterioration in a variety of climatic conditions. Tammscoat WP-IN is a ready-to-use, single-component formulation that dries quickly at room temperature. Its high water repellency combined with hardness helps to prevent leaks during the wet season, while its UV radiation resistance preserves the brightness unaffected for years. Its Two-in-One function protects the surface from water seepage and leaks, extends the life of the plaster, and gives the required aesthetic appearance.


  • Single component, ready to use system
  • Water curing is not necessary. 
  • At room temperature, it dries quickly. 
  • It can be pigmented in a wide spectrum of colours.

Features and Benefits 

  • Superior Water Repellency 
  • U.V. Radiation Resistance 
  • Fungus and moss resistance 
  • Exemplary finish and brightness. 
  • No tendency to peel 
  • Scratch-resistant and tough. 
  • At high temperatures, it remains stable.
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