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For Kusum Healthcare, a manufacturer of medicines, Tremco developed incredibly hygienic floor finishes for each and every area of its production plant in Indore. The facility that produces tables and injectable liquids must always maintain a very high standard of cleanliness in order to ensure the reliability and superiority of its pharmaceutical products. As the floor is a key location for dust, filth, bacteria and hazardous microbes to accumulate, it is essential to get the floor finish absolutely perfect in every area of the industrial site. 

Tremco's Solution :

The antibacterial enhanced polyurethane floor coating Flowfresh MF was applied to 4,000 m2 of the contamination-sensitive production, warehouse, and corridor spaces. This approach is best suited for densely populated industrial regions where a tidy, effective, and productive environment is required. Because Flowfresh MF is seamless and impervious, cleaning it is quick and simple, and because of its sturdy construction, it won't deteriorate even in the face of challenging and complicated operational circumstances. 


The antibacterial ingredient Polygiene® is incorporated in every system of the Flowfresh Range . This is an effective method to lower the danger of bacterial contamination since it gives the floor the potential to stop the growth of up to 99.9% of bacteria. 

An antistatic flooring solution was necessary in this area because Kusum Healthcare wished to keep the relative humidity in its material handling area low, which can increase the possibility of static buildup. The 750 m2 material handling area was equipped with Flowfresh ESD SL, an antistatic version of the Flowfresh. Static charge buildup on the floor, which can harm delicate electrical components or even serve as a dangerous fire source, is minimised by antistatic flooring treatments.

In order to create a beautiful, sanitary surface, 4500 m2 of the colourful, water-based, satin finished epoxy floor sealer Flowseal EPW was used. Flowcrete India provided 300 m2 of the specialised two-component, chemical-resistant, epoxy-based vertical grade coating, Flowcoat CRV, for the plant's water tank.
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