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Modern Floor Finish for Zoho’s Office Environment

For its new office in Kanchipuram, the international software development company Zoho Corporation, it was keen in choosing a floor area  that  supported a friendly, relaxed environment for its personnel. Zoho Corporation was aware that the floor finish it had chosen would need to be durable enough to keep the ideal appearance despite the scratches, scrapes and stains that come with a bustling office environment. 

Tremco's Solution : 

1,800 m2 of the coloured floor hardener Surflex was utilized to achieve this. This solution yields a beautiful floor finish by combining quartz and silica with finely graded non-metallic particles, plasticizer, and cement binder. It was applied to Zoho's new site to create a dappled white floor area that reflected the brand's cutting-edge, contemporary identity and complemented the office's modern interior design theme. 


Surflex's strength makes it the perfect material for withstanding wear and tear from both wheeled and foot traffic and its smooth, level finish makes it simple to maintain a spotless floor. 

In order to fill construction joints in the office's pantry sections, the two-component, semi-rigid, PU epoxy hybrid joint sealer DURAL 340 SL-IN was also used for this project. This sealant is excellent for filling construction joints and guarding against spalling in concrete joints.
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