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Alpha Guard Bio Base Coat

High Performance, Two-Part, Bio-Based Polyurethane Base Coat

The AlphaGuard BIO Base Coat is a two-part polyurethane roof coating that is bio-based. With fibreglass mat or polyester reinforcement, AlphaGuard BIO Base Coat is utilized.


Roof restoration, permitted recover and new construction assembly, IRMA and vegetative roof Waterproofing systems are just a few of the applications for which the AlphaGuard BIO System can be used

Features & Benefits

  • The product's high BIO content makes it more environmentally friendly and durable.
  • Faster cure times are achieved with two-component cures than with one-component cures.
  • Suitable for a wide range of roof substrates (concrete, metal, bitumen sheets, single ply - PVC/TPO, EPDM). 
  • 100 percent Solids 
  • Low odour, low volatile organic compound (VOC)
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