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Solargard 6083 18.9 L

Acrylic elastomeric coating, for Waterproofing, Weatherproofing and Temperature reduction of Concrete or Metal Roofs & Surfaces

SOLARGARD® 6083 is a waterproofing and weatherproofing compound that may be used on a variety of roof surfaces. SOLARGARD® 6083 offers long-term durability, low-temperature flexibility, and exceptional weathering and dirt resistance. SOLARGARD® 6083 is available in a variety of colours, including white, standard, and custom. This elastomeric roof coating has been developed to meet and/or exceed the ASTM D 6083 standards.


SOLARGARD® 6083 is best suited for waterproofing and weatherproofing of Metal, corroded single ply membranes, smooth surface asphalt built-up, and modified bitumen roofing substrates. It may also be used as a heat suppressing and carbonation resistance coating on concrete, cementitious, and metal surfaces.

Features and Benefits : 

  • The use of a reflective top coat reduces surface temperatures, enhances roof life and cuts energy expenses. 
  • It is single component. There is no blend of multi-components.
  • Versatile, since it may be used on a variety of substrates and roof types.
  • Prevents deterioration caused by algae and other microbes by being resistant to biological assault. SOLARGARD 6083 is a simple to use product.
  • Meets or surpasses all the ASTM D 6083 acrylic roof coating specification's performance criteria.
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