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Dymonic 100 600 ml

Dymonic® 100 is a single-component, high-movement, medium-modulus, low-VOC, UV-stable, non-sag polyurethane sealant .  Dymonic 100 is a flexible, long-lasting sealant that works well in moving joints and dries with great adherence. Expansion and control joints, precast concrete panel joints, perimeter caulking (windows, doors, and panels), aluminium, masonry, and vinyl siding are all common uses for Dymonic 100. Dymonic 100 is also an ideal alternative for fenestration/window, door, and curtain wall applications as a fluid applied flashing material in rough opening perimeters.

Features and Benefits

  • It has a skin time of 2 hours and a tack-free period of 6 to 8 hours, making it ideal for damp or green concrete.
  • It has a movement capability of +100/-50 percent in typical field situations, is low VOC, paintable, jet fuel resistant, and will not fracture, craze, or yellow when exposed to strong UV light.
  • It's safe to submerge in water and won't release any gases.
  • Dymonic 100 is highly adaptable and has a unique ability to attach to damp or green concrete while not outgassing, akin to TREMproof® 250GC and Vulkem® 45SSL.
  • Tremco's Vulkem Deck Coatings, ExoAir® Air Barrier products, and the cold, fluid-applied TREMproof® series of below-grade waterproofing products are compatible and can be covered over.
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