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Tammsflex SL / NS

Two-Part Polysulphide Joint Sealants

TAMMSFLEX sealants are two-part, elastomeric polysulfide caulking and sealing compounds . TAMMSFLEX cures at room temperature, forming a durable elastomeric seal that sticks to stone, metal, and wood with tenacity. TAMMSFLEX will tolerate repetitive expansion and contraction, as well as daily and seasonal temperature cyclic fluctuations. TAMMSFLEX has exceptional resistant to chemicals, solvents, and water, and it can sustain up to ± 25% joint movement.


  • TAMMSFLEX NS-IN is a non-sag gun grade sealant designed for use in vertical and non-trafficbearing horizontal joints subject to expansion resulting from temperature changes.

  • TAMMSFLEX NS-IN is used for all normal construction joints such as panel and curtainwall construction, copings, masonry joints, bridge abutments and building joints.

  • TAMMSFLEX NS-IN is formulated for use in joints subject to long term contact with water and may beused in water reservoirs, dams and foundation joints.

  • TAMMSFLEX SL-IN is a flowable, self-leveling, traffic grade sealant designed for horizontal joints inpatios,plazas, floors, sidewalks, roadways and other areas exposed to pedestrian or vehicular traffic

Features and Benefits

  • Joint sealant for materials that are similar or distinct.
  • Caulking and glazing
  •  Resistant to aviation fuel splashes and spills.
  • Ideal for chemically exposed dynamic joints.
  • Temperatures range from -45°C to 87°C. 
  • Vehicle and pedestrian traffic
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