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TREMproof 3300 HD IN

Waterproofing membrane for below and above ground application

TREMproof® 3300 HD-IN is an SBS modified bituminous Self-Adhesive membrane that is cold applied and thoroughly bonded. It comprises of a layered composite waterproofing material with a rot proof glass fibre Mat cross laminated HDPE film and a high performance SBS polymer bituminous modified layer with release liner on one side for enhanced waterproofing performance.

TREMproof® 3300 HD-IN is a 1.6mm thick composite sheet developed for waterproofing concrete and other substrates both below and above ground. TREMproof® 3300 HD-IN produces an integrally bonded, high performance waterproofing & protection layer for below ground concrete buildings against ground water, contaminants, and ground gases after installation.

Features And Benefits 

  • Cold-applied, non-flammable, and does not require heading or torching.
  • It speeds up the construction process and is simple to install.
  • HDPE cross laminated carrier film with high performance
  • Thickness: 1.6mm
  • Permanently bonds to concrete, metal, and wood.
  • Water does not leak or trail between the substrate and the membrane.
  • Water and moisture impurities are effectively blocked, and damp proofing is achieved.
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