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TREMproof Micorea S3

Two-Component Spray Applied Pure Polyurea system

TREMproof® Micorea S3 is a two-component, 100 percent solids, flexible, spray applied pure polyurea system developed for waterproofing and coating concrete, metal, and other substrates. It cures fast, allowing for swift installation and a waterproof coating system that is seamless and long-lasting. TREMproof® Micorea S3 is suitable for a wide range of applications on a variety of substrates, including concrete, metal, plastics, and others, when used with Tremco CPG India's suggested primer.


  • Roof & Terraces
  • Roof Gardens
  • Stadium, Service Roofs
  • Podium, Refuge, Balconies
  • Tunnels with cut-and-cover sections and retaining walls
  • Water Structures, Swimming Pool & water features

Features and Benefits

  • Quick Return to service
  • Impact, abrasion, and puncture resistance are excellent.
  • Effortless and simple to maintain
  • Increases Concrete's durability 
  • Low permeability and waterproofing
  • Crack bridging ability is excellent. 
  • Wide temperature application range
  • With Topcoat, it's possible to leave it exposed (TREMproof TC)
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