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Crystalline waterproofing admixture

VANDEX AM 10 is a crystalline admixture powder that interacts with the capillary pore structures in concrete to generate a waterproofing system that is a permanent part of the concrete matrix. VANDEX AM 10 is suitable for both above and below-grade applications. Insoluble crystalline complexes are formed when active compounds react with free lime and moisture in the capillary tracts and pores. To prevent further water entry, these crystals seal capillaries and tiny shrinkage cracks in the concrete (even under pressure). The concrete, on the other hand, will allow water vapour to travel through the structure (i.e. the concrete will still be able to "breathe").

Applications : 

  • waste treatment facilities
  • foundations and basements
  • marine structures
  • precast concrete
  • tunnels and subways
  • dams and water reservoirs
  • manholes
  • underground vaults
  • parking structures
  • swimming pools
  • water containment structures

Features & Benefits : 

  • Limits or eliminates water penetration
  • Waterproofing against excessive hydrostatic pressure on the inside or outside
  • With Portland cement, VANDEX AM 10 has no negative impact on compressive strength or setting time.
  • It is powdered material that is simple to utilise
  • The effect on working time is minimal, but it increases flexibility.
  • Greatly enhances chemical resistance
  • In comparison to other approaches, it is quite cost effective.
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