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VANDEX SUPER is a ready-mixed cementitious in-depth waterproofer. VANDEX SUPER is a grey Portland cement-based product.
VANDEX SUPER WHITE protects concrete from salt water, waste water, corrosive ground water, and some chemical solutions. VANDEX SUPER WHITE has been thoroughly tested for use in contact with drinking water.
The active ingredients in VANDEX SUPER react with the free lime and moisture in the capillary tract to produce insoluble crystalline complexes when applied to a concrete surface. To prevent further water entry, these crystals seal capillaries and tiny shrinkage cracks in the concrete (even under pressure). The Vandex layer, on the other hand, will allow water vapour to travel through the structure.

Application : 

  • substrate: concrete
  • drinking water structures
  • Backfilled structural elements, foundations, slabs, retaining walls, construction joints, sewage treatment plants, swimming pools, etc.
  • active or passive waterproofing and protection against water and moisture
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