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Vandex Cemelast

VANDEX CEMELAST is a two-component cementitious surface treatment with a polymer modification. VANDEX BB 75 (dry component) and VANDEX CEMELAST LIQUID (polymer component) make up this product. VANDEX CEMELAST has outstanding initial and final bonding properties, making it appropriate for use on both lateral and vertical surfaces.

It is long-lasting, frost and heat resistant after curing, and vapour permeable. It is a carbon dioxide (CO2) active barrier that is also water resistant for concrete. VANDEX CEMELAST has been tested for usage in drinking water.


  • substrates: concrete and masonry
  • waterproofing and protection against water and moisture
  • for cracks and areas of potential cracking
  • foundations, slabs, retaining walls, drinking water structures, etc.
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