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Vandex Flextape

VANDEX FLEXTAPE is a thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). Exceptionally long-lasting, it has remarkable weather resistance and is UV and chemically stable. An adhesive is used to achieve the bond to the substrate.
The FLEXTAPE system bridges and seals expansion and construction joints in concrete structures, as well as fissures.   Under continuous load, the maximum allowed expansion is determined by the tape thickness and the breadth of the non-bonded expansion zone. On the active side, the VANDEX FLEXTAPE system is resistant to hydrostatic pressure. In combination with a counterpressure structure on the passive side.
Features & Benefits 
  • High performance sealing tape for movements and construction joints
  • Permanent flexible waterproofing seal
  • Approved for drinking water
  • High elasticity depending on the thickness of the tape and width of the expansion zone
  • Thermal welding ensures secure, watertight joints
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