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Vulkem® 350NF/346/346

Elastomeric, Waterproof Traffic Deck Coating System

Vulkem® 350NF/346/346, a comprehensive drive-on, modified polyurethane traffic deck coating system, consists of a heavy-duty base coat (Vulkem® 350NF), an intermediate coat (Vulkem® 346), and a top coat (Vulkem® 346). This special waterproofing technology is made to offer exceptional chemical stability, tenacious adhesion, and severe impact and abrasion resistance. The system's components' elastomeric properties allow the entire assembly to function effectively over the concrete slab and fill in the shrinkage cracks.


  • Driven on Podiums
  • Parking Structures / Parking Decks
  • Machine Rooms / AHU Rooms / Generator Rooms
  • Concrete Drainage Channels
  • Water Tanks (Insides) & Pool Decks
  • Any location where both waterproofing is needed and abrasion expected

Features and Benefits 

  • The usable life of vehicular systems is extended by excellent durability and UV resistance. 
  • Fast cure through  time allows for use 72 hours after installation.
  • Mildew and fungus resistance safeguards concrete surfaces against environmental contaminants.
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