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Plastol 3630

High Range Water Reducing Admixture

PLASTOL 3630 is a polycarboxylate plasticising admixture produced for the creation of high performance concrete / high strength concrete using cutting-edge chemistry. When compared to other regularly used admixtures, Plastol 3630 has better finishing properties. It does not contain Calcium Chloride


  • Cast in Place
  • Ready mix Concrete
  • Flowable Concrete
  • SCC Concrete
  • Concrete mixtures that utilizes  Fly Ash, Slag or other natural pozzolans

Features and Benefits

Plastic Concrete.
  • Slump retention is excellent.
  • Enhances productivity.
  • Setting times are reduced.
  • Finishability is improved.
  • Reduces water requirement.
 Hardened Concrete
  • Excellent early strength is achieved.
  • Enhances the final look.
  • All strength is increased.
  • Permeability is reduced.
  • Durability is improved.
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