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Construction Joint Tape

Waterproofing tape for construction joints and cracks

VANDEX Construction Joint Tape bridges and seals concrete structure construction joints and fissures. The thickness of VANDEX Construction Joint Tape is approximately 0.7 mm. It's a synthetic rubber strip with an alkali-resistant, flexible polyester fabric mat on both sides that forms a web at the edges. The fabric mat's and synthetic rubber's combined qualities ensure a strong bond with the concrete surface while keeping the tape's suppleness.  

Areas of Application:

In damp concrete conditions, VANDEX CONSTRUCTION JOINT TAPE, in combination with VANDEX BB 75 E flexible waterproofing slurry, forms an effective and long-lasting seal of construction joints and fissures.
Areas of application: construction joints and cracks.
VANDEX CONSTRUCTION JOINT TAPE is resistant to hydrostatic pressure:
  •  on the positive side
  •  on the negative side only with appropriate support
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