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Vandex Expaseal W

VANDEX EXPASEAL W is a reversible swelling thermoplastic elastomer that is made up of a hydrophilic acrylate-based swelling component incorporated in a butylene copolymer-based thermoplastic elastomer. VANDEX EXPASEAL W swells up to 900 percent in volume when exposed to water. The swelling effect causes VANDEX EXPASEAL W to swell in the joints, occupying all voids and stopping the flow of water.
Applications :
Construction joints and pipe inlets in concrete structures subjected to permanent or temporary hydrostatic pressure are waterproofed with VANDEX EXPASEAL W.
Features & Benefits :
  • Expanding waterstop for construction joints
  • Highly flexible, easy application
  • Resistant to water pressure up to 2.0 bar
  • Also suitable for zones with tidal water movement
  • Suitable for contact with sea water
  • Temporary swelling protection in case of premature water contact
  • Swelling process is reversible
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